Prof. Dr. Ioannis Iossifidis is a physicist by training (theoretical particle physics and cosmology), holds the chair of Theoretical Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, is the Head of the BCI and Robotics Lab, and has joint appointments in the Faculties of Physics and Electrical Engineering. Ioannis Iossifidis has been developing biologically-inspired anthropomorphic autonomous robotic systems for over 20 years, which are both part and result of his research in the field of computational neuroscience. In this context, he developed models for information processing in the human brain and applied them to technical systems.

Recognized focal points of his scientific work in recent years are the modeling of human arm movements, the design of so-called “simulated realities” for the simulation and evaluation of the interactions between man, machine, and environment, and the development of cortical exoprosthetic components. The development and application of machine learning algorithms based on deep neural architectures are the cross-sectional topics of his research.

Ioannis Iossifidis’ research has been awarded by the BmBF (NEUROS, MORPHA, LOKI, DESIRE, Bernstein Focus: Neural Foundations of Learning, etc.). ), the DFG (“Motor-parietal cortical neuroprosthesis with somatosensory feedback for restoring hand and arm functions in tetraplegic patients”), and the EU (Neural Dynamics – EU (STREP), EUCogII, EUCogIII ) and is one of the winners of the lead market competitions Gesundheit.NRW 2019 and IKT.NRW 2020.

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